Welcome to my level design portfolio site!

My first map was «Atoll», that gave me knowledge about Sandbox editor and some tools.

Then I have create 3 levels with non-tropic environment, such as oil platform «Platform», the arctic island «Arctic»and the mystical level «End».

Learning many things about creating gameplay after previous levels, I realised map «Railway». It has a full "sandbox" gameplay and many different locations.

I have learn SandBox 2 Editor after Crysis realise and the first "CryEngine2" level «Airfield»I have create for the «Intel Crysis Mapping Contest» in 2008. This map took second place in the nomination «Intel Performance and Visibility», and the gamers were high rated level gameplay.

My last map «DeepCry» was been created for Crysis Wars (with official SP Mod) in December 2009.
Events on the map taking place in Antarctica. Level consists of 3 game locations: research station deeply in the continent, subglacial world with tropical nature and frozen bay with a small port.
Also this map was published in the german magazine "PCGames" in February, 2010.

Thanks for visiting my site!
Топ Разработка игр